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How to invite friends?

You can share the invite link or QR code to your friends who do not have OpusChat installed on their mobile devices. After your friends have installed OpusChat, they can add your specific persona as friend.

To go to the “Add Friend” page, go to Chat view:
If you see the Help wizard, tap “Yes”

If you have closed the Help wizard previously, tap More icon on top right hand corner (iOS) or “+” icon on lower right hand corner (Android) > “Add Friend” > Select the Persona you wish to use to add friends by changing the filter on top

To share invite link, you can first select the language for the preset invite message, then tap “Share” button, or ”Copy” button to share or copy the link to your destinated apps.

To share QR code, tap “Share” icon below the QR code. You can also save the QR code by tapping the “download” icon below the QR code.

Note: If you reset the invite link or QR code by tapping the “Reset” button or icon, the existing one will be replaced with a new one and become invalid. You will need to send the newly generated invite link or QR code to your friends.

If the friends you wish to add have already installed OpusChat on their mobile devices, please refer to How to add friends?