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What is enlarged text view?

You can single tap on any text messages in the chat screen to enter the enlarged text view.

In the enlarged text view, you can zoom in/ out to change the viewable text sizes, and copy any part of the text messages as you like.

Swiping to the left or right will go to the next or previous message.

Message info
Under the enlarged text view, the information for a particular message will be shown on the top, which includes the sender, date sent and status of the message.
3 status will be shown accordingly, they are “Received”, “Sent” and “Delivered”.
“Received” means the message you received.
“Sent” means the message you sent was sent out successfully.
“Delivered” means the message you sent was successfully delivered to the recipient’s device.
For messages sent to groups, there are only 2 status, which are “Received” and “Sent”.

Note: Only text messages will be shown in the enlarged text view, photos/ videos/ files/ voice notes will not be shown.