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How to configure Auto-Download for media files?

Photos, videos, audio notes and files will be automatically downloaded by default when your device is connected to Wi-Fi in OpusChat.

You can manage your Auto-Download preferences individually for each persona.

Go to Dashboard > Enter a particular persona > Tap the setting icon on the top right corner > Settings > Auto Download.
Here you can choose when OpusChat will automatically download photos, videos, audio notes, files. Tap on each type of media, choose Wi-Fi + Mobile Data, Wi-Fi or Never.

Wi-Fi + Mobile Data
Media files will automatically download whenever you have an Internet connection.

Media files will automatically download when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Media files will never automatically download. You will need to manually download each file. For videos and audio notes, you need to tap on the play button, they will not start playing after the download process is completed.

If you have a limited data plan, we suggest you set auto-download when connected to Wi-Fi only.